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echo !mage

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Освобождение голоса , постановка голоса, дикция , Pet Shop Boys. [17 Dec 2011|06:11pm]


 Ссылки на материал в моём журнале    http://voicebeautiful.livejournal.com/

Здесь я выложил эксперименты своего голоса . Научится петь можно самому . Все упражнения по изменению голоса я взял из творчества
группы Pet Shop Boys и предоставив вам аудио и видео материал показываю где именно я взял упражнения . Здесь я также описываю круг
поиска упражнения которое является ключевым , оно снимает зажим , делает голос свободным , сочным , ярким , громче , насыщенней ,
певческим и тд . . Так же в раздаче вы найдёте некоторые ссылки и список полезных программ , среди которых есть по откату системы ...
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[30 Nov 2004|06:46pm]

Does anyone know anything about Echo Image? I went to check their website today for news, and a page all in Norwegian came up. It looks like someone's private site, there's baby pictures etc. on it. Did they change websites or something? Did theirs get hacked into? Anyone know anything?
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Introduction post! [30 Sep 2004|05:24pm]

Hello fellow echo !mage fans! Introduction post time!

My name is Shane, 21 years old, and I currently live in Kansas. I found out about the awesome band while working on the upcoming Xbox game Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix2. Not sure if you guys are aware, but echo !mage's "Skulk" is in the game. From the moment I heard it, I was hooked. I searched the bay area looking for their CD, and luckily, right before I left to go back to Kansas, I found "Compuphonic" at Rasputins in San Fran. I've been listening to the CD hardcore for the past month (which is as long as I've had it) and I can't get enough of them. Here's hoping' that their second CD will be just as great (the teaser on their site leads me to believe it will be)!
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good and bad news [08 Jun 2004|08:03pm]

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[31 May 2004|09:35pm]

If you like EBM/industrial/Synthpop, listen to this. It's a short clip of Stability, by my band, November Process :)


I also started the novemberprocess fan community...so if you have any feedback, join and talk about it!
Have fun!

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[08 Jun 2003|09:44pm]

I don't know why I never thought to see if there was an Echo Image community and low and behold there is......this will rock my world now.
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Echo !mage [02 Jun 2003|06:10pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Does anyone have, or know where I can find the lyrics to Standing Alone and Messing With Love?

- Will

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like a child [26 Apr 2003|01:46am]

[ mood | tired ]


I joined this community cause Echo !mage Rule.

That is all!


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[06 Apr 2003|09:15pm]

howdy echo image fans, i first heard about the great norwegians on an online synthpop radio station a long while ago. they played "listen to the stars" and shit i was hooked. anyway, flash forward to now and the compuphonic cd is in steady rotation, "like a child" is amazing- killer production on that album.
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[26 Mar 2003|12:38pm]

I have about 5 echo image LJ styles.... the one below is the best 'public' style as most are customized to my username

http://www.livejournal.com/customview.cgi?user=ericjevitts&styleid=112395&checkcookies=1 (replace my username with yours to see how it works for you.)

check my LJ for many other synthpop styles.. and sometimes updated styles for synthpop_music
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